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Beauty: Dami Im singing ‘This is My Desire’ before fame

Dearly Beloved, Some time ago I came across the work of Australian singer Dami Im.  She had won Australia’s ‘X Factor’ contest in 2013 in stunning fashion.  What caught my attention is that in her first audition, she came across … Continue reading

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Spiritual Gifts Q&A

(These questions stem from our July 27, 2014 sermon. –geno) Q1: Do we get one “set” of gifts right away and that’s the same set we always will have? Is this why you said to focus on gifts we have … Continue reading

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Statement on Ordination

(Editor’s note:  This is the statement I read this past Sunday morning.  I edited it to remove an reference to ministry abroad.  –geno) This morning we are going to ordain Mariam to the gospel ministry.  This broad term takes in … Continue reading

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Gifts from the Spirit

(Editor’s Note: After receiving an index card with a brief note and a biblical reference from Ginger this [Sunday] morning I thought it might be something the Lord wished for me to share toward the end of my sermon.  When … Continue reading

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Don’t Lose Sight of God’s Work

(Editor’s Note: I received this as an email note from John Bibee, a respected leader at Hope Chapel whom the elders (and others) recognize as being prophetically gifted. I thought it was such a fine note that I wanted to … Continue reading

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A Questionable Practice

This past weekend Michael Sullivant, a respected, even beloved, teacher/preacher came to Hope Chapel at my invitation to lead us deeper into prophetic ministry as a Body of believers in Christ Jesus. I believe this was accomplished to a fine … Continue reading

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On Aligning Spinal Columns

(Editor’s Note:  Following our weekend seminar, led by Michael Sullivant, on ‘Stirring Up The Prophetic’, a number of Hope Chapel folk were concerned with a practice in which Michael had participants stretch out their arms to determine if one arm … Continue reading

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A Very Slippery Slope

(Editor’s Note:  Following Friday’s portion of our weekend seminar on ‘Stirring Up The Prophetic’ with Michael Sullivant, I had a brief conversation with a member of Hope Chapel upset about Michael’s methods.  I invited my friend to send me a … Continue reading

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Tongues: Question #9-My Own Experience

(Editor’s Note:  On Sunday, May 23rd, I delivered what became the first of two talks on the subject of speaking in tongues.  The second talk was delivered on Sunday, June 20.  My two messages are structured around answering nine clusters … Continue reading

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