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‘No Other Gods’ is not so easy…

(Editor’s Note: Following my sermon on the First Commandment I had a conversation with one of our congregants. Because I thought this person shared an important insight I requested a follow-up email expressing those thoughts. I am publishing it here … Continue reading

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Spiritual Gifts Q&A

(These questions stem from our July 27, 2014 sermon. –geno) Q1: Do we get one “set” of gifts right away and that’s the same set we always will have? Is this why you said to focus on gifts we have … Continue reading

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Finding Joy in Our Work

(Here are questions from our sermon on July 20, 2014.  –geno) Q1: What if a person felt compelled to learn a skill to a high level from parental pressure or financial/cultural pressure? A1:      I don’t think these pressures are altogether … Continue reading

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The Power of Praise

Editor’s Note:  This past Sunday (June 1) I told the story of singing to my grandmother in the hospital where she was recuperating and having the woman sharing that room asking for me to sing the songs again…leading me to … Continue reading

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Finish Strong

Dearly Beloved, Friday we conclude a three-week period of fasting here at Hope Chapel.  My earnest hope is that you will join us for Friday’s evening of extended worship from 7:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. I am tempted toward the … Continue reading

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A Call For Renewal

This past Sunday (1-5-14) I began a series of talks on Spiritual Renewal.  I believe that God is calling Hope Chapel into a year-long process of reflection, repentance, refocusing and receiving the grace of renewal. Toward that end I am … Continue reading

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How Was Your Time Off?

I recently returned from a three-week break to this question asked repeatedly.  So I thought I would take some space in a blog post to provide an answer. About half of the time was spent on actual vacation, with a … Continue reading

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