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Q&A with Mark Proeger

(I’d like to thank Mark Proeger for his fine preaching this past Sunday, May 3rd, and for taking extra time to field these questions following the second service.  —geno) Q1: What do you think keeps us from showing love to … Continue reading

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Aren’t there times Christians Should Judge?

(Note: This question was raised this past Sunday near the end of our time together and was not introduced into our gathering, but I thought it should still be given and answer.      –geno) I spent a good deal … Continue reading

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On Hating Father and Mother

(This guest post by Courtney Wyrtzen was sent to me some time back when she was wrestling with the meaning of the word ‘hate’ in the teaching of Jesus.  –geno) How could Jesus say to us: “If anyone comes to … Continue reading

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Q & A on the Tithe

(These questions followed our March 15 sermon on giving.  –geno) In what sense, does God genuinely give us money versus him just “lending” us money but expecting us to give it back? This seems relevant in the case of freewill-type … Continue reading

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Master and Apprentice

(Guest blogger Bonnie Watkins has written beautifully about our being apprenticed to Jesus.  –geno) Dr. David Wyrtzen challenged us as we started February to (1) look to Jesus as John the Baptist urged in John 1:29 and 36, “Behold the … Continue reading

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