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Sally Gary Book Recommendations

Dearly Beloved, below you will find several book recommendations that Sally Gary made during our conversation over this past weekend.  I have taken the liberty to add my own notes to each recommendation.  –geno Messy Grace, by Caleb Kaltenbach.  Caleb … Continue reading

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Beauty: Dami Im singing ‘This is My Desire’ before fame

Dearly Beloved, Some time ago I came across the work of Australian singer Dami Im.  She had won Australia’s ‘X Factor’ contest in 2013 in stunning fashion.  What caught my attention is that in her first audition, she came across … Continue reading

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Simplicity and Art

Following a recent sermon featuring exhortations to embrace the spiritual discipline of simplicity a friend at Hope Chapel raised an interesting question, which I will put in my own words, “If we are supposed to live so frugally, saving all … Continue reading

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A Nation Divided

(Note: I wrote this blog entry on July 18, 2013, but withheld its publication until now.  It seemed eerily appropriate for this time.  –geno) American culture has been dichotomous for some time. Dr. Timothy Keller, founding pastor of a very … Continue reading

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