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Lenten Prayer Points for Hope Chapel

(I recently asked Hope Chapel folk to fast during the Lenten season which runs this year from March 1 through April 9.  Below are listed several prayer points for Hope Chapel. My suggestions is that we focus on one area … Continue reading

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Aubrey’s Prayer

(Editor’s Note: Aubrey Johnson offered this prayer as part of the sermon delivered this past Sunday, January 17, 2016.  I thought it was so beautiful as to demand to be published.  –geno) Father God, I pray that the message today … Continue reading

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Daily Bread

This past Sunday I urged people to re-write ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ which Jesus taught his disciples.  I memorized it in this KJV language a long time ago: Our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name; Thy kingdom come, … Continue reading

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Serving Even the Ungrateful

(Note: These questions followed our July 13 sermon.  –geno) Q1: Are we to continue in service to someone who is ungrateful, selfish and works you over and wrings you dry? If we quit serving them then have we failed Jesus? … Continue reading

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The Power of Praise

Editor’s Note:  This past Sunday (June 1) I told the story of singing to my grandmother in the hospital where she was recuperating and having the woman sharing that room asking for me to sing the songs again…leading me to … Continue reading

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Elements of Repentance

Editor’s Note:  In a recently published (1/19/14) study guide, writer Suzi Raines succinctly re-stated my sermon on repentance so well that I thought it should be published here.  Thanks for your good work, Suzi.  –geno by Suzi Raines  Lesson Summary: … Continue reading

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Finish Strong

Dearly Beloved, Friday we conclude a three-week period of fasting here at Hope Chapel.  My earnest hope is that you will join us for Friday’s evening of extended worship from 7:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. I am tempted toward the … Continue reading

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A Call For Renewal

This past Sunday (1-5-14) I began a series of talks on Spiritual Renewal.  I believe that God is calling Hope Chapel into a year-long process of reflection, repentance, refocusing and receiving the grace of renewal. Toward that end I am … Continue reading

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How Was Your Time Off?

I recently returned from a three-week break to this question asked repeatedly.  So I thought I would take some space in a blog post to provide an answer. About half of the time was spent on actual vacation, with a … Continue reading

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Can I Trust The Bible?

Hello Geno!  This might be my first time writing you, not sure, but regardless, I’m jumping out there and contacting you.  I feel like God’s put it on my heart for a while to contact you and seek out some … Continue reading

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