Don’t Lose Sight of God’s Work

(Editor’s Note: I received this as an email note from John Bibee, a respected leader at Hope Chapel whom the elders (and others) recognize as being prophetically gifted. I thought it was such a fine note that I wanted to publish it as its own post.  –Geno)

Hi all,

I’ve been praying on and off all week about last weekend and especially so since reading Geno’s blog. I’m sorry there is some mess to deal with in terms of the praying for arms and legs stuff. That wasn’t bothersome to me partly because I’ve seen that kind of prayer several times before and folks had real healing-relief-of-pain-experiences. And from what I have seen and heard, a number of others had positive experiences last weekend as well. Dr Ann and Paul Gray did, and testified so publicly and she’s a doctor.  But whether we pray for legs or arms in that manner, or not, isn’t the point of this letter.

What I sense is significant is the general word Michael was saying about “divine alignment.” I hope that does not get lost as the weekend is processed. I think the divine alignment idea is a valid and valuable prophetic word for us as a body. I think the enemy would be winning a victory if that gets lost in too much focus on the leg/arm stuff.

I also think the freedom and many good words spoken during the worship time on Saturday were wonderful and stirring and positive and right. I was very encouraged to see Bill Sellstrom deliver his word. I thought it was great and showed the kind of open heart and spirit and courage we want to see grow in Hope Chapel as we learn to walk in step with the Holy Spirit.

I think the teaching was quality stuff – a basic and good framework, and a great emphasis on the prophetic being the testimony of Jesus. The whole of the teaching was given in the context of giving honor to Jesus, and that’s extremely important. So I hope none of those many, many good things that happened this weekend will be lost because of the arm/leg controversy. I think we need to keep our eyes on Christ in this and keep asking and praying to God for wisdom and not let one aspect of the weekend blur the more major things God was trying to do and speak among us.

I also think, if you step back, even the strong reaction from some folks about the arm/leg part is something God is speaking through and could use to work out some greater good. I could say more about that, but it would take too long type here. I think God can use use all these things to work out a greater good for our body.

Anyway, I appreciate our leaders and our body and I”m really glad Michael and Terri came. I think they have indeed stirred up good things and things to be grappled with honestly. I know there is some mess here, but please don’t lose sight of the main things God wants to do in Hope Chapel and the good things he did. May God give us all wisdom to lead with boldness and courage and love.

Much love,

John Bibee

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