Serving Others Helps Lift Us Out of Depression

(Editor’s Note:  Diane Wall sent this in as a reply to Adrienne’s blog post entitled “Where I Have Found Help for Depression”.  I thought it was so well done that I elevated it to the status of its own blog post here.  –geno)

I have struggled with two episodes of major depression and Adrienne’s insights are awesome!

One or two things I’d like to share is that serving others in even the simplest ways always helped me feel better. I remember telling the children’s church ministry leader at our old church (during the worst of my depression), “IF you can GUARANTEE me that you won’t ask me to be a teacher and I can just be a teacher’s helper, I will be glad to serve on a regular basis.” She agreed to this, and serving became a “lifeline” for me.

So much that helps in depression is the exact opposite of what we feel–some examples: going to work every day regardless of how bad we feel, not missing church; smiling at our children when it feels fake.

Also, the crucible of depression resulted in so much growth. God truly used it as a place of transformation–I just couldn’t see it at the time. It’s definitely a journey.

I too am thankful that our church is teaching about depression. When we are going through depression, we can feel so misunderstood by others who’ve not experienced it.

–Diane Wall

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