Beauty: Dami Im singing ‘This is My Desire’ before fame

Dearly Beloved,

Some time ago I came across the work of Australian singer Dami Im.  She had won Australia’s ‘X Factor’ contest in 2013 in stunning fashion.  What caught my attention is that in her first audition, she came across as a shy, young Korean woman who just wanted to make it in the big league of show biz.  In that very first interview she was asked where she had sung before and she said it had been in mostly small venues, churches in Korea mostly.

Very interesting.  So I went looking to see if there was evidence of her work singing in churches on the internet, and, indeed, there are quite a few videos uploaded.  I has been interesting to follow her career a bit, just to see how she would handle fame.  It seems to me that she has done very well with that after a fitful start.

Of all her videos, this is the sweetest, the purest, in my opinion.  It was recorded in her home studio about a year before she rocketed to fame.  It is obvious that she is not just singing, but worshipping.  I hope you enjoy it.  I return to it often for my own inspiration.


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