Brentwood Choir at Hope

On Thursday, December 15, 2011, the Brentwood Elementary School Choir presented their holiday concert in Hope Chapel’s sanctuary.  This inaugural hosting event was attended by an estimated 400 parents and grandparents and siblings.  James Graham, the Brentwood music teacher said 160 students took part in the performance.

Jack Dorman captured one of the featured songs which can be played below.  The great thing for us at Hope Chapel is that this represents a forward movement in our relationship with Brentwood Elementary.  When we open up our facility to our neighbors we build trust and friendship.  Many teachers and parents were openly grateful for our service.

Brentwood Choir at Hope

I’d like to thank those who took time to greet our guests, make and serve coffee, serve as ushers and generally make the Brentwood experience a comfortable one.  These include Steve Unangst, Ron & Sandy Winn, Jack & Deb Dorman, Steve & Mary Jo Rekedal, Mike & Kathy Brimberry, Laura Porter, Marty St. Onge, Melinda Armbruster, and Leyman Tedford.

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