God Picks our Battles

(Editor’s note: I received this encouragement following this past Sunday’s sermon (June 5).  Thought I’d pass it along.  –geno)

Thank you for your exhortation Sunday! You encouraged us to listen to and obey what The Lord tells us to do in a given situation, to seek counsel, but to stand firm in what He tells you. You said that if we’re looking for a fight with a chip on our shoulder, that’s not The Lord. If we are seeking Him, He will pick our fights for us. Amen. This has been my experience. I would add this; that when we find ourselves in a fight God has picked for us (or picked us for), the sword that comes from His mouth is double-edged. It cuts at my heart, too. In the fighting He calls us to, the wounds we incur doing His will are faithful.

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  1. Kevin Daniel says:

    It would be helpful to hear from those commenting with stories/experiences of the fights God has picked for them any additional expansions on the faithfulness of God in healing the wounds incurred/suffered from those same fights.

    I find it encouraging to hear how the end of the fight is not always the end of the (sub)narrative, nor the end of God’s purposes or faithfulness on the matter.

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