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(Editor’s Note: This blog post is written by Kristin Brookshire who currently works as a registered and licensed dietitian for Meals on Wheels and More of Austin.  –geno)

Cooking vegan isn’t complicated and it isn’t all salads. Actually, I’ve found that it is typically easier and quicker to prepare a vegan dish since meat often takes the most prep time. A second bonus is that it is CHEAPER to eat this way – assuming that you aren’t trying to replace all of your favorite meat and dairy products with expensive analogues.

The key to a hearty vegan meal is to always include some kind of starchy grain or vegetable with beans or legumes and maybe a complementary veggie side or salad.

Example Dinners

chopped tomatoes and red onion

Example Breakfasts

  • Green Smoothie: Baby spinach, banana, water, frozen berries
  • Steel-cut oats with a little peanut butter mixed in and topped with berries and slivered almonds

Places to Eat-Out

This list is, obviously, not exhaustive since Austin has many vegan/vegetarian friendly places to eat. These are just a few examples of common fast-food places that some of us might choose to eat at during the fast.

It’s always a good idea to check online menus ahead of time so that when you get to the drive-through, you won’t be scrambling to figure out what you can eat.

Chipotle – burrito bowl with grilled veggies instead of meat, or crunchy tacos with grilled veggies instead of meat

McDonalds – Any of the salads that do not include meat

FireBowlCafe – Many different options, just look for the “leaf” symbol to find vegetarian friendly dishes

PandaExpress– They have 2 vegetarian dishes: Egg Plant and Tofu, Mixed Veggies

ElevationBurger – Veggie Burger #1 or Veggie Burger #2 with lettuce wrap instead of hamburger bun (delicious!)

My favorite online recipe resource is www.vegetariantimes.com. Almost all of the recipes are top notch and usually require minimal prep (if not you can usually modify to cut down cook time). It’s also very easy to visit websites such as www.allrecipes.com and modify the recipes by substituting the meat for canned beans or chickpeas.

Warning: If anyone who follows this diet has Diabetes, it may reduce their need for medication. They should check blood sugar levels regularly to ensure that hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) does not occur.

A Few Resources

TheUltimateDanielFast – website and blog

TheDanielFast: FeedYourSoul, StrengthenYourSpirit, andRenewYourBody

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