Sally Gary Book Recommendations

Dearly Beloved, below you will find several book recommendations that Sally Gary made during our conversation over this past weekend.  I have taken the liberty to add my own notes to each recommendation.  –geno

Messy Grace, by Caleb Kaltenbach.  Caleb was raised in a home where both of his birth parents experienced same sex attraction and split up when he was very young.  He was subsequently raised by his mother and her same sex partner.  His book chronicles the story of his becoming a follower of Jesus, experiencing a painful separation from his mother and then a much-later reconciliation.  I like this book because Caleb very clearly articulates a traditional view of marriage while at the same time maintaining a mercy-oriented view of the homosexual community.  I think we can learn some things from Caleb.  

Us vs. Us, by Andrew Marin (Marin Foundation).  Sally noted that the Marin Foundation has done some of the most important work on understanding the gay community in the U.S.  She included their statistic that 86% of people in the homosexual community have come out of conservative church backgrounds.  I still find that hard to believe, but she maintained it to be true.

Torn, by Justin Lee.  Justin does, in fact, have a strong evangelical background as Sally noted.  In his book Justin notes how the Body of Christ has torn itself apart in acrimonious disputes over how to approach Christ followers who experience same sex attraction.  His title also references his own feelings and the feelings of others who have experienced rejection and confusion over their own homosexual orientation.

God and the Gay Christian, by Matthew Vines.  Matthew also has a strong evangelical background in the Presbyterian church where his father was an elder.  Matthew is the leader of a movement of mostly young Christ followers who are urging the church to accept homosexual marriage and same sex relationships as a norm.  He marshals a cogent set of arguments for his position.  If you want to read a book that will catch you up on the position for this non-traditional view of marriage, this is the book to start with.  I should note that I disagree with Matthew’s position.


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