The Sally Gary Conference Helped Me Find Freedom

(Editor’s Note: I have permission to publish the author’s name for the blog post below, but have withheld it on purpose.  I do not want any given personality to become a central issue in this discussion.  –geno)


I wanted to respond to this before I talked myself out of it. I think ALL feedback is relevant and important. It helps us understand each other better on some level and it is nice to see people attempting to do this. You can share this if you want to.

First of all, I appreciate you forwarding the letter from the church member. I also appreciate you keeping the individual’s identity anonymous. Indeed, I think it would be distracting.

I will not wax long or eloquent but will simply state that, for me personally, Sally’s conference was all about HEALING!! The bars to my lifelong prison were finally opened when it dawned on me, using her ministry, that I’m not living in sin merely because I have these feelings. I don’t have to live with a constant nagging shame anymore just because God hasn’t “delivered me”.

It was like a light bulb came on that weekend and I understood God made me thus and can use me fully to His purposes, just as I am. It’s up to Him whether He wants to change my sexual orientation, but in the meantime, I can and am now living a full and meaningful life in Christ. I am His bride, His Beloved. There is no sadness or hopelessness in that!

Before the weekend, I didn’t let anyone “in the church ” get close to me because of the shame that I felt and the fear that they would find out about me. I was so alone (since age 11). I’m almost 52. That’s a long time. Since then, I have met so many people and numerous relationships have begun to form.

It also freed me to go speak to my pastor about myself, and to my joy, He only affirmed me and is now looking forward to me finding my purpose there in the church and for my life. (This is Bastrop County.) Wow! Hopeless? NEVER! Hope is my favorite word!

One additional thought, the Apostle Paul asked to be delivered from his “thorn in the flesh”. God left it there. God doesn’t always take the thorn away but He never wastes it.

One more thing in response the writer of the letter… I have never been confused about my gender. I am 100% woman!


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