Lenten Prayer Points for Hope Chapel

(I recently asked Hope Chapel folk to fast during the Lenten season which runs this year from March 1 through April 9.  Below are listed several prayer points for Hope Chapel. My suggestions is that we focus on one area per week for concerted prayer during the season.  –geno)

Reasons for Hope Chapel fasting during Lent 2017:

  1. Favor. Let’s ask God for favor from professionals putting our plan together. Favor from city officials who must approve our plans. Favor from contractors who must bid on our project and, if selected, will actually do the work of demolition and reconstruction. We need favor.
  1. Gratitude. Let’s thank God for His blessing on the people of Hope Chapel who have given sacrificially to put us in a financial position to be able to pay cash for our building reconstruction. Pray that we will raise more money than we need to accomplish the task well.
  1. Leadership. Let’s ask God to bless the leadership of Scott McDonald who is serving Hope Chapel as out project manager. Scott must communicate with our decision-makers, our architectural firm, city planning officials and building contractors. Additionally, he must seek to get the most for our money, working with clear financial constraints, while facing the considerable unknowns of an older building remodel.
  1. Blessing. Let’s ask God to bless Hala Tompkins and the children’s ministry of Hope Chapel that must become mobile and remain mobile during the remodeling phase. We will initially take our Sunday morning children’s ministry across Arroyo Seco to Brentwood Elementary school. But it is likely, for a few months in the summer, that we will need to travel further afield as Brentwood Elementary will be closed off for air conditioning repairs.
  1. Repentance. Let’s repent from nagging habits that drain our spiritual lives, things like overeating, too much TV binge watching, overuse of alcohol or prescription drugs or even illegal substances, watching pornography or reading sexually-explicit novels for entertainment, gossiping, holding grudges, or secretly wishing for harm to come to an opponent…whatever may be your secret sin.
  1. Renewal. Let’s ask God to renew us in this Lenten season. Let’s ask God to renew our love for Him in worship, in prayer, in Bible study. Let’s ask God to renew us in spiritual disciplines like fasting, solitude, silence and simplicity. Let’s ask God to show us what we should give away or give up that would draw us nearer to Him. Let’s ask God to show us what to adopt or include in our lives that would open us up to His presence.
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