Giving Our Day to God

In a recent sermon I suggested that it would be great if each day we began by verbally giving ourselves to God for His use.

I have found that when we purposely begin the day by offering ourselves and our time to Him we are more likely to view an ‘interruption’ in our schedule as an opportunity to be more alert to His work and less to our driven lives.

Several folks came up to me following the service asking for the prayer which I had written and offered.  Here it is:

 “Jesus, I invite you to be completely Lord of my day.  I surrender my desire to be in control of every moment of my life today.  Instead, I ask to see what you are doing around me in the lives of people with whom I will interact so that I may join you in your purposes.  Help me to understand your invitation to press into your work in the lives of others and to obey as you invite me in.  Amen.”

Also, Bonnie Watkins gave me an even briefer prayer which she received from her cousin that goes like this:

“Good morning, God.  I am your child.  Show me your way.”

Sounds good to me.


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