Women Also Use Porn

Following Sunday’s sermon no less than half a dozen people came up to me with a singular concern: that a significant number of women also watch porn.

As part of my talk on the 7th commandment, God’s prohibition against adultery, I had zeroed in on the sinful use of porn by men. My exhorters were simply saying that I probably should have at least mentioned female porn use is on the rise.

According to a recent survey, that number may be as high as one in three women using porn once per week. The survey was conducted by Marie Claire, a women’s magazine. Discovering such information is pretty easy on the internet, but I recommend caution in going to look for such data because some of the sites may lead viewers into unwanted experiences. If you are going to conduct a search look only for data published by recognizable, quality media companies.

I remain grateful for a congregation that can hear a sermon on such a difficult subject and respond with empathy. My prayer is that we will continue to be a faith community where we encourage one another toward sexual purity, living out the sexual ethic Jesus taught, while doing so without shame-filled judgment or condemnation.



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