On Dreamers and DACA

Dearly Beloved,

I recently came across a document called ‘Evangelical Statement of Principles on Dreamers’ which I like very much.  You can read it here.

For multiple decades our national leadership has failed us as a people by their impoverished actions with regard to immigration policy.  Our borders are not secure.  Undocumented criminals are not routinely expelled from our country.  There is no guest worker mechanism to allow sizable numbers of people from other nations to legally and easily participate in our economy.

There is currently no national consensus on how to address these matters.  However, there is a clear consensus on how to deal with so-called ‘dreamers’–the children of illegal immigrants who were brought to our nation who now seek higher education, service in our military or good jobs…adult children who have no criminal record and want to live out of the shadow of uncertain citizen status.  Most Americans agree that these children should not be punished for the illegal actions of their parents.

This is the intent of the statement drafted under the leadership of Russell Moore, President of the Ethics & Religions Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention.  I am a fan of the work of Dr. Moore and have been for some time.  I recommend his blog ‘Moore to the Point.’

Until now I have not seen any document with regard to U.S. immigration policy with which I could wholeheartedly agree and recommend.  For the record, I have signed the Evangelical Statement of Principles on Dreamers in solidarity with its principles.

The Bible is clear that God’s people are to care for the orphan, the widow and the sojourner (the alien) in our midst.  Caring for the future of the ‘dreamer’ in our midst is one way we can follow God’s way in our world.


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