The Prayerful Mind

(Editor’s Note:  Following last Sunday’s sermon on November 19, Liz Morgan sat down and penned this response.  It is a lovely, artful reaction to a message on common obstacles to becoming a praying person.  It is published here by permission.  Thanks, Liz.  –geno)

The Prayerful Mind

by Liz Morgan

The mind, on occasion, kind
Even refined;
Yet its roller-coaster wander-ways
Lead me astray
Every day.
Until, when sane,
I cry, “Lord, show me your way!
For I lead myself down the fool’s highway.”
Trapped be one-way signs to External Distraction
Not seeing it disguised in the distance
Around twisting-truth bends,
Its dead-end desperation
Separation from genuine wisdom & consolation.

Conversely, God-glancing leads to quietude,
Mental calm, solitude,
Where I relish His discipline:
Daily devotional delights,
Waiting, wondering at His wise
Forever-welcoming, without restriction,
Blessed benediction
Meeting my mind’s eye, I desire Him more, me less;
I turn prayerfully toward Spirit-truth-touch,
Choosing to seek that attention,
Gazing God-ward.


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