Surpassing Sunday-Go-To-Meeting Religion

(Note:  Michael recently gave me permission to publish his note below.  He has written something which is important to me…that what we do during the week is more important that what we do in worship on Sunday.  –geno)

Hi Geno,

Just sending a note to encourage your effort for neighborly ministry.

Although I  moved from Austin several months ago,  I still try  to follow Hope Chapel on line.  I will establish new relationships here in San Antonio,  but I will always have a fondness for my friends there at Hope Chapel.  I do miss the neighborhood and the friendships .

I believe your message about being a neighbor has ramifications we could discuss for hour, days, weeks, etc.

In fact I think it might be one the main principles of Christianity.  Love God, love yourself, and love your neighbor.

Most of us don’t have grand miracles up our sleeves to show God’s greatness, but we do have his love.  In fact if we did do miracles but didn’t demonstrate love, it would be worth nothing.  The willingness to exhibit an actual day to day caring for others far surpasses any Sunday go-to-meeting religion.

I believe this idea is touched upon many times throughout the New Testament teachings.  Jesus spoke,  Paul wrote, and disciples lived these principles.  I also believe it should become like a second nature,  something we don’t necessarily see as Holy or miraculous,  when we live in the Spirit.

I am not trying to glorify neighboring on it’s own, however nice it is.  I do agree with you that God can and does use these practical, seemingly common relations to do his will.  Sometimes we don’t even know how we are being God’s influence in someone Else’s life,  and sometimes how God is using them in ours.


Michael Young

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