Austin Worship: Vox Veniae

Recently the New York Times published a video and an article about Vox Veniae, a church situated in deep east Austin with rich history and heritage in Austin’s Chinese Christian community.

Gideon Tsang, Vox pastor and a friend of Hope Chapel, tells their story in an interview which can be found here.  The newspaper article may be found here.

I have admired Gideon and Vox for a long because they walk out their conviction that God has called them to become a vital part of their community, living and serving among the disadvantaged in our city.  I love the story of the redemption of their worship space and how they have turned the former nightclub where wickedness and death reigned into a vital community center breathing with the life of Jesus.

Is there anything about this story that inspires you?  What lessons can we learn from Vox that are applicable here at Hope?

I look forward to your responses.


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