A Call For Renewal

This past Sunday (1-5-14) I began a series of talks on Spiritual Renewal.  I believe that God is calling Hope Chapel into a year-long process of reflection, repentance, refocusing and receiving the grace of renewal.

Toward that end I am asking each one of us to enter into a season of fasting and prayer this month from January 10 to January 31.  Some of us will be engaging in the Daniel Fast, while others will choose to fast in some other way such as denying ourselves meat, or desserts or excessive media use.  However the Spirit leads you to enter this season of self-denial, I pray that you will set your heart to it.

While fasting I believe we should pray with purpose.  Let’s ask God together to bring to Hope Chapel a church-wide renewal.  As the year progresses we will be praying for the Church in Austin our city and regions beyond.  But at this time, let’s begin by praying for our own lives and for one another.

Here, again, are the four elements of Renewal that I believe we need to bring to the fore in our prayers:

Reflect—we are seeking insight, eyes to see our true spiritual condition

Repent—we are seeking the grace to turn, to change, to move toward God

Refocus—we are asking for a new willingness to reorder life around Kingdom priorities

Receive—we are asking for the grace to believe expectantly, to wait aggressively, for renewal.

May God hear our prayers and answer beyond all expectation.


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