The Power of Praise

Editor’s Note:  This past Sunday (June 1) I told the story of singing to my grandmother in the hospital where she was recuperating and having the woman sharing that room asking for me to sing the songs again…leading me to understanding that the effort was encouraging and life-giving.  Below you will find similar testimony to the power of music and a heart of worship.  –geno

My husband was in the hospital, on the cancer floor.  We had much support from many people during his battle, and one of those was a young woman who played during our worship service.  She and my husband had had a few conversations about her playing over the last few years.  In searching for something to do for him she was impressed to ask if she could play her flute.

One Sunday afternoon she came to the hospital and played the praise music from our worship service for about an hour.  It was a precious gift and we felt a great peace while she shared.

One of the people in the room at the time was my husband’s cousin who was in an internship program at the hospital.  A week later, she was back on that floor for some purpose and speaking to some of the nurses.  The conversation changed when they remembered that she had been there during the performance the week before.

The nurses shared that during and after her playing her flute, the entire wing of the floor had been filled with a wonderful peace.  All the patients were calmer, needed less pain meds and slept better that night.

Geno’s sermon on the power of singing/music is accurate.  I don’t understand it, but Our Father has placed peace, joy and love in music, and maybe some strength.  –ph

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